Working with Gradidge-Mahura Investments has helped me realise my financial goals with ease. The team are highly experienced, dedicated, and the level of service is personally adapted to my unique requirements. It helps even more to say my financial planner regularly appears on TV!

Qasim Fakir

“personally adapted to my unique requirements”

Gradidge-Mahura Investments highlighted the cost of private education in South Africa and the value in starting the education plan as soon as possible. Subsequently they helped put together a plan to save for my children’s education. Looking back, I am thrilled that I acted on their advice.

Samantha Hatane

“save for my children’s education”

Virath and Craig have been instrumental in my financial planning. They have been able to integrate my risk and investment needs within a framework of a sound understanding of my goals and aspirations. I appreciate the time that Gradidge-Mahura Investments have taken to get to know me as a client, and the solutions that they were able to design and implement.

Dr Elton Dorkin

“sound understanding of my goals”

Besides living up to their motto (Independent, Professional, Confidential), I value the high levels of individual attention I receive from Gradidge-Mahura Investments.

The numerous client education sessions are invaluable, but at the end of the day it is the sound unbiased financial advice that differentiates Gradidge-Mahura Investments from the others.

I Segers

“sound unbiased financial advice”

I started working with Gradidge-Mahura Investments team in 2008 and I didn’t really have a real concept of saving. At first I was a terrible client because saving did not feature in my lifestyle. I was very focused on satisfying my immediate financial goals, like travel and rent. The future was not my priority. Over the years, they’ve endured my rants, fears, questions …. and they taught me to be patience. I have stuck by them and they by me and saving is now “almost” second nature to me. The team at Gradidge-Mahura Investments know my name is Nkgadi and cater for my personal financial needs and goals. And I know their names: Craig and Kagisho.

Nkgadi Mogotlane

“personal financial needs and goals”

Financial planning I believe is very essential in life especially with regard to ensuring that you have adequate funds at retirement, Virath has paid personal attention to my portfolio always ensuring that my best interests are taken into account and has always taken the time to explain my investment options clearly to me and advised me on what planning I should take into account for the future.

I have had the experience in the past where a planner encouraged me to invest and that was the last I heard and even if I tried to contact him he was disinterested in assisting, I have never had this experience with Virath.

Claire Mayo

“personal attention”

The company I worked for used Gradidge-Mahura Investments as advisors for their Provident Fund.

I made contact with Craig before my retirement in 2013 to work out a Retirement Plan for myself and my wife.

Craig visited us many times with advice, options and proposals, taking our circumstances and requirements into account. With his help we made informed investment decisions, and we continue to benefit from his expertise during our regular investment reviews.

Marian and I are very satisfied with the service we receive from Craig, and are pleased with the personal, friendly yet always professional relationship that has been established between ourselves.

I thank, and unreservedly recommend Gradidge-Mahura Investments as financial planners and investment advisors.

Len van Gelder

“informed investment decisions”