Individual Services

We offer a full financial planning service, which entails conducting a full financial needs analysis and developing a financial plan. This includes Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Risk Planning (Life, Dread Disease, Professional Indemnity*, Short Term Insurance* and Medical Aid*). The aim is to ensure that the client achieves financial security for themselves and their loved ones.

We offer advice and intermediary services in the areas of :

Investment Planning

Investing is about getting one’s money to make money and to protect one’s wealth against the corrosive effects of inflation. We have developed a solid investment philosophy that has served our clients well since the start of the business.

Retirement Planning

The ultimate evidence of good financial planning during one’s working career is a comfortable retirement. Retirement should be about enjoying one’s freedom and spending time with family, wherever they are in the world. A proper retirement plan can make this a reality.

Estate Planning (Wills* and Trusts*)

It is important that assets are moved efficiently between generations otherwise the risk that value in the estate is destroyed is quite high. The risk that future generations do not benefit from the success of the current generation is also present. This can be managed through trust structures and by having a Will in place.

Risk Planning

Our risk management goal is to mitigate the effect of unforeseen events such as death, disability and severe illness on your personal financial portfolio. Insurance is able to provide financial protection to you and your family by:

  • Protecting your income in the event of you not being able to continue working
  • Protecting your assets (short term risk cover)
  • Provision of financial support to your family/financial dependents (life cover)
  • Provision of cover to settle all your outstanding liabilities in the event of death or disability
  • Cover estate planning costs e.g. Estate Duty, Executors Fees, CGT, Marital Accrual Claims, Outstanding Income Taxes
  • Leave a financial legacy for your loved ones

In the main most risks are not predictable. We prefer to ensure that all risks to one’s portfolio that are beyond human control are covered before moving onto growing one’s asset base.


Corporate Services

We set up Employee Benefit Schemes which include Group Cover*, Professional Indemnity*, Business Assurance and Short Term Insurance*. Through this process we are able to assist companies in identifying and managing all their financial risks and in offering benefits to their staff.

Investment Planning

This is about getting the financial assets of the business to generate a high return as possible.

Cash Management

Most companies tend to keep excess cash in a bank account, and cash with a longer term horizon in some kind of deposit account. We create a strategy which allows the company to increase the return they earn from idle cash over time.

Employee Benefit Schemes*

An employee benefit scheme typically comprises a pension benefit, group risk cover (death and disability), and/or a funeral benefit. These benefits allow the company to be of assistance to employees in times of grief, and for retirement.

Professional Indemnity*

This cover is often compulsory for professional service providers such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc..

Business Assurance

Business assurance is about allowing the owners and co-owners of the business to protect the value in the business that could be destroyed by the death or disability of a co-owner or key person.

Short Term Insurance*

This is about protecting the value of the physical assets of the business including machinery, vehicles and buildings.


“An effective employee benefits structure gives any company,
big or small, an advantage in the competition for labour”
Gradidge-Mahura Investments


*via associates
Associates mean independent non-competing businesses with whom we have formal advice, service and fee-sharing agreements. We conduct due diligences on these businesses to ensure all compliance, advice and servicing requirements are met.