Mr Sader is exemplary in his field of work.  Given my job and its complexity, Mr Sader sought a tailor-made package for me at affordable rates without having compromise the cover.  He and his team are effective and efficient (Ms Luleka – has an email turnaround time of under 20 minutes J in a pandemic!) – and have gone the extra mile on several occasions to ensure that I as the client have received timeous feedback, the best possible support and value for premiums paid.   After engaging with Mr Sader regarding personal policies and comparing the saving and quality – I have moved my parents over to him and his team at Gradidge-Mahura – they have gotten them excellent rates given their age and again with the same comprehensive cover. I generally prefer leaving the middleman out of the equation, however after dealing with Mr Sader and Gradidge-Mahura Investments, it is a minute price to pay, for peace of mind, and worth every penny JJJ even in a pandemic!

I would recommend Mr Sader & the Gradidge-Mahura Investments Team for all insurance needs any day!

Dr Thasmai Dhurumraj


The highly competent team at Gradidge-Mahura Investments, has and continues to go above and beyond to assist with all our insurance matters. They have truly managed to take the stress out of the claim process while at the same time managing to dynamically simplify the process of amending policy information as and when required.

Big thanks to your team again!

Trevor Solomon


Mehmood Sader has been my short-term insurance consultant since 2018. I am very pleased with his level of service during the years. I have found Mr Sader to be very helpful, dedicated, committed and professional. He has always responded timeously and professionally to my queries. He is very knowledgeable in his field of work.

Dr F Cassim 


I have been with Gradidge-Mahura investments for the past 2 years. They initially saved me over 30% on my existing insurance cover at the time. They are a pleasure to deal with, providing a professional and efficient service. I would definitely recommend them.  

Amil Devchand


In December 2019, I had no option but to switch to a new short-term insurance. Unfortunately, it was at a time when all the insurance companies had wound down for the Christmas period, and were closed. I was frantic, as I did not want to have no insurance cover, especially over that crazy period.

I was referred to Mehmood Sader, from Gradidge-Mahura Investments, who, at the time was on his annual leave. I explained my plight to him, and immediately he did everything possible to help me. He did not just go the extra mile, but he went extra miles.

Prior to this, I had been through a very stressful time as the service that I received from my previous insurance company became absolutely shocking to say the least, and I was just so happy to be able to be in touch with someone who is efficient, willing to help, knowledgeable, and professional in every way, always replying promptly to my questions and requests and keeping his promises. When Mehmood said he would get back to me in two minutes, two minutes it was. He literally kept me updated all the time, telephonically and by email until I was sorted, and then he still continued to follow up afterwards. It is so good to know that there are still these kind of people and companies around, although very far and few between, but I can honestly recommend and refer Mehmood and Gradidge Mahura Investments for their excellent service, and I am most grateful to them! Keep it up!

Mrs Valerie J Sham


This is just a short testimonial of my experience with the Short-term and Long-Term Insurance departments over at Gradidge Mahura Investments.

3 years ago, my various companies and financial life were in complete and utter disarray, I did not know where to turn and how to fix the multitude of problems that I faced following a few huge setbacks. I was referred to Gradidge Mahura Investments by a family member who had worked with the firm. I was told to seek their advice before I did anything that would have irreversible repercussions on businesses that I had been building for over a decade.

From the moment I set foot in the building, I was treated with the utmost care and respect, not just for my situation, but also because they could see where I was taking everything business wise. Scope and vision is something that is very important to me as an entrepreneur, and the fact that they saw that and saw the importance of the things that I felt were important, brought a sense of calm and security to my situation, that allowed me to become a better business practitioner.

It doesn’t matter which department I deal with, the staff fight tooth and nail for my best interests, and one thing that really impressed me, is that they truly listen to your concerns and give the best advice with all of their experience to support it, especially during this unprecedented time of Covid-19.

Most firms are only after their commission, but GM Investments make you the priority first because they know that a happy client will be a prosperous client.

The only other thing I can say is that they have my loyalty for a lifetime.

Yours Sincerely

Conrad Francis Feldman


I am really happy with Virath’s service. He is very calm and highly professional. In my dealings with him, I have the utmost confidence that he has my best financial interest at heart, he has rightfully earned my trust.

W Pitse


Working with Gradidge-Mahura Investments has helped me realise my financial goals with ease. The team are highly experienced, dedicated, and the level of service is personally adapted to my unique requirements. It helps even more to say my financial planner regularly appears on TV!

Qasim Fakir


Gradidge-Mahura Investments highlighted the cost of private education in South Africa and the value in starting the education plan as soon as possible. Subsequently they helped put together a plan to save for my children’s education. Looking back, I am thrilled that I acted on their advice.

Samantha Hatane


Virath and Craig have been instrumental in my financial planning. They have been able to integrate my risk and investment needs within a framework of a sound understanding of my goals and aspirations. I appreciate the time that Gradidge-Mahura Investments have taken to get to know me as a client, and the solutions that they were able to design and implement.

Dr Elton Dorkin