In December 2019, I had no option but to switch to a new short-term insurance. Unfortunately, it was at a time when all the insurance companies had wound down for the Christmas period, and were closed. I was frantic, as I did not want to have no insurance cover, especially over that crazy period.

I was referred to Mehmood Sader, from Gradidge-Mahura Investments, who, at the time was on his annual leave. I explained my plight to him, and immediately he did everything possible to help me. He did not just go the extra mile, but he went extra miles.

Prior to this, I had been through a very stressful time as the service that I received from my previous insurance company became absolutely shocking to say the least, and I was just so happy to be able to be in touch with someone who is efficient, willing to help, knowledgeable, and professional in every way, always replying promptly to my questions and requests and keeping his promises. When Mehmood said he would get back to me in two minutes, two minutes it was. He literally kept me updated all the time, telephonically and by email until I was sorted, and then he still continued to follow up afterwards. It is so good to know that there are still these kind of people and companies around, although very far and few between, but I can honestly recommend and refer Mehmood and Gradidge Mahura Investments for their excellent service, and I am most grateful to them! Keep it up!

Mrs Valerie J Sham