Mr Sader is exemplary in his field of work.  Given my job and its complexity, Mr Sader sought a tailor-made package for me at affordable rates without having compromise the cover.  He and his team are effective and efficient (Ms Luleka – has an email turnaround time of under 20 minutes J in a pandemic!) – and have gone the extra mile on several occasions to ensure that I as the client have received timeous feedback, the best possible support and value for premiums paid.   After engaging with Mr Sader regarding personal policies and comparing the saving and quality – I have moved my parents over to him and his team at Gradidge-Mahura – they have gotten them excellent rates given their age and again with the same comprehensive cover. I generally prefer leaving the middleman out of the equation, however after dealing with Mr Sader and Gradidge-Mahura Investments, it is a minute price to pay, for peace of mind, and worth every penny JJJ even in a pandemic!

I would recommend Mr Sader & the Gradidge-Mahura Investments Team for all insurance needs any day!

Dr Thasmai Dhurumraj